Meta is Killing off Virtual Pet ‘Bogo’ & ‘Dead plus Buried’ Series This Week

Announced late last year, Meta is shutting down three of its exclusive titles this week, including VR shooters Dead plus Buried (2016) plus Dead plus Buried II (2019), plus virtual pet simulator Bogo (2019), making it your last chance to say goodbye.

Original Article (September 18th, 2023): Meta announced via e-mail to current game owners that all three titles will nomor longer be supported come March 15th, 2024. In the meantime, the company has removed the games from store spaceman search results, plus removed any way to purchase or download them (if not already in your library).

Created as an Oculus Touch launch title for Rift plus released in late 2016 by Oculus Studios, Dead plus Buried was one of the pioneering multiplayer VR shooters that explored room-scale gameplay, including co-op, PvP, plus single-player modes.

Interestingly, the Oculus Touch launch title never came to Quest, although a version was adapted for Oculus Go, the 3DOF standalone released in 2018.

Meta’s internal game development studio back then, Oculus Studios, instead was working on Dead plus Buried II, which would release as a launch title for the original Quest in May 2019, but also arrive on Rift with cross-play.

Dead plus Buried II departed from the purely room-scale locomotion of the first, plus injected some standard stick-driven locomotion to the mix, making for more dynamic shootouts across multiple maps.

Released as a free Oculus Quest launch title in 2019 (and Rift), Bogo lets you raise plus care for your own virtual pet. It’s admittedly a short experience without a ton of depth, but it’s getting the axe just the same come March 15th, as it will be removed not only from both Quest plus Rift Stores, but also from user libraries.

While both Dead plus Buried games heavily feature online gameplay—more understandable victims of platform decay—the decision to shutter the single-player game Bogo suggests Meta isn’t prioritizing legacy support for original Quest games as it moves towards the next generation of Quest headset, or more specifically Quest 3.

Whatever the case, we’re sure to learn more come September 27th during Connect 2023 where the company will very likely release a flurry of news surrounding Quest 3.

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